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LDX / Logger Dash Extreme
 5 LBS.
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$1,575.00 $1,575.00

The LDX combines data acquisition with our advanced instrumentation! The LDX Logger also takes full advantage of the capabilities of the V-Net technology.

In addition to the wiring harness that imports the signals from the engine RPM, drive-shaft RPM, water temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage, up to 32 optional sensors modules can be attached to the single V-Net network cable. This yields a total recording capability of 37 channels of data.

The LDX Logger can record and upload to a PC the data from all of the monitored sensors, while at the same time displaying the input from up to 21 of those functions on the dash screen.

With the simple push of a button you can view the displayed functions by scrolling through four separate screen pages on the dash. Each page contains five user programmable digital displays plus the constant engine RPM bar graph.

Selecting which functions will appear on each page is done through your Racepak Datalink software. Also included are output ports to connect a shift light and an external warning light. Shift points can be programmed using the screen of the dash or your software. You also have the ability to assign the limits for the warning lights and the parameters for the dash mounted mode buttons. Minimum and maximum levels that were attained during a recording can also be displayed.

Memory and sample rates are consistent with the V300 recorder. One full megabyte of memory provides a generous amount of recording time, while sample rates are programmable up to 100 per second per channel. Uploading data to a PC or laptop is accomplished through a provided 6 serial cable. The screen is backlit for night time use. Four threaded studs on the rear of the LDX Dash Logger facilitate mounting it to any flat surface.

LDX Features


  • 37 total
  • V-Net: 32 digital/analog
  • Harness: 5 (engine RPM, driveshaft RPM, water temperature, oil pressure, volts)

Sample Rates:

  • V-Net: up to 100 per second
  • Digital: RPM and switch contacts up to 100 per second
  • Digital: Timing intervals within 1/1000th of a second


  • 1 MB
  • Recording time depends on number of channels monitored and sample rates


  • 10.200 (L) X 4.000 (W) X .750 (H) (mounting surface to face, 2.000 OAL depth)
  • Screen dimensions 7.250 X 2.625


  • 25 ounces

Typical uses:

  • Pro Mod
  • Pro Stock
  • Top Dragster
  • Top Sportsman
  • Comp Eliminator
  • Super Comp
  • Super Gas
  • Motorcycles
  • Land speed cars

The LDX package monitors:

  • Engine RPM
  • Driveline RPM
  • Engine v. Driveline RPM differential
  • Battery voltage
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Water Temperature

The LDX package includes:

  • LDX Logger Dash
  • Wiring harness
  • Driveshaft RPM sensor kit
  • Datalink download software kit with 6-foot cable
  • V-Net tee connector with terminator caps
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Oil pressure sensor
  • Instruction manual

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