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Snowmobiles > Computech Data Acquisition
DataMaxx Data Logger Bracket Kit
 5 LBS.
Click Here to View Manual (PDF).
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$999.95 $999.95

The DataMaxx Bracket Kit is designed to give you all of the essential information that every racer should know while staying under a grand! You're not going to pay for anything you're not going to use with this kit and with the DataMaxx Module system you can easily upgrade at anytime should the need arise. Comes with Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Fuel psi, Oil psi, Water Temp, a single EGT Probe, Battery Voltage and 2 Switch Monitors. You can also get the Bracket w/Dash Kit if you would like to add the digital dash. Also check out the Sportsman Kit for dual oxygen sensors and the Professional Kit for 8 EGT probes.

About The DataMaxx Data Logger

The DataMaxx data logger is a complete stand-alone data acquisition system designed to fit the sportsman racer's budget, but with features and sample rates that rival the most expensive systems available. When it comes to a data logger, it's hard to tell one apart from another besides just looking at the price and a plethora of features list. Typically there are three main things you need to look at when choosing a data logger; Hardware, Software and Technical Support.

The Hardware is the backbone of a data logger and has to be reliable if you're going to be happy with it. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours assembling a data logger only to find that the first tire shake you have causes it to break. Using the latest technology is also key, and the DataMaxx utilizes an SD card for quick and easy data transfer as well as a modular CAN Bus system to transfer data between different expansion modules. This means that you can purchase the base main module at a low price, which has the room for 4 rpm's, 4 analogs and 2 switches. If you fill up your 4 analog channels and want to add more, you simply purchase an Expansion Analog Module and never have to send anything back to us or have to step up to a completely different unit. This means that you are only paying for you what you need and can expand the system anytime your needs change.

The Software and its user friendly features are what makes or breaks a data logging system. After the hardware is installed you rarely need to think about it, but you will be using the software on a regular basis and if it's not easy to use and easy to understand, then it's a waste of money. At Computech we have put an extreme emphasis on making our software the easiest to use in the industry. We have made downloading and organizing your runs into events as easy as possible. We have made custom views that allow you to compare your RPM's to temps/pressures/accessories. Our "All In One" view allows you to see all of your graphs inside one big graph zone, but takes it a step further and allows you to choose whether you want it graphed at the bottom, top or middle. This allows you to view all of your channels at once without having a lot of overlapping lines, maximizing the amount of data you are able to understand. Combine that with easy to use run overlaying, channel highlighting, editing and run notes and you have the most powerful and easy to use piece of software on the market.

The Technical Support should be one of your biggest factors when deciding on purchasing a data acquisition system. Because unless you are a professional tuner you will have questions and you will get confused from time to time. At Computech we understand that for a first time user this experience can be a little overwhelming and because of that we offer 24/7 evening and weekend customer support. We strive to have great customer support and searching on many racing forums will help reinforce that. We are all about the customer and we understand that we work for you, unlike the mindset of many of our competitors. Day or night, evenings or weekends we are here to answer any little question you may have. We also have an extensive online Data Logger Support section that allows you to read articles, download software, troubleshoot, ask questions, and watch video tutorials.


  • Sensors
  • Engine RPM
  • Driveshaft RPM
  • Fuel psi
  • Oil psi
  • Water temp
  • Singe EGT temp
  • DataMaxx Main Module
  • Billet Aluminum Enclosure
  • 100 Samples Per Second Per Channel
  • 5 CAN Bus Connections
  • 4 RPM Channels, Magneto Compatible
  • 2 Switch Input Channels
  • 2 Warning Light Outputs
  • 4 Analog Channels
  • Battery Voltage Channel
  • DataMaxx PC Analysis Software
  • 2x 2Gb SD Memory Card
  • Remote Record Switch
  • Labels and Shrink Tube
  • Computech Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual w/Diagrams

***Please indicate the following info at checkout regarding your application:***

  • Split Collar Size
  • Fuel PSI/ Pressure Range

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